Why It’s Not Wise to Prohibit Pets in Residential Rental Properties

Why It's Not Wise to Prohibit Pets in Residential Rental PropertiesHaving pets in your properties may not seem high on your priority list. Many people across the USA have pets, and by prohibiting them you only deter possible tenants away from your property. If a tenant really likes your property and is willing to rent, only to find out that you prohibit pets then you will most likely lose this tenant. People aren’t going to give up their beloved pets to rent your property, when they can easily find another landlord in the same area who will allow them. This is the mistake that many landlords make when drafting their tenant agreement.

Lots of Mess

Many landlords think that by prohibiting pets, they keep their properties in much cleaner condition. This is not the case, a dog or a cat may leave hairs around the house. But if the tenant does move out at a later date, it is not hard to sweep up these hairs for the next one. You will not be left with a permanent mess if you allow pets into your property, and most pet owners are very considerate of properties which do allow pets.

Appealing To The Larger Audience

Some agree that having a pet free property could attract tenants. For example, if someone has an extreme allergy to dogs then they may not want to stay in a property which has previously had them. Even a large cleaning could still leave potential traces, and therefore the tenant could not stop in your property. However, only a small percentage of people have allergies, and you will gain a much higher tenant interest if you allow pets as opposed to prohibiting them. Out of the 313.9 million people in America, only 10 million have allergies to pets. Over 60% of the American population own pets, so as you can see, opening your property to pets is a much more profitable solution when it comes to tenant retention.

As you can see, overall it is much more profitable and practical for you to allow pets into your property. Your property can be opened to a much wider audience if you allow pets, and tenants with pets will have a much larger interest in your property. This can go a long way when your trying to get more tenants into your properties, and it can certainly be a great way to boost your profits. Contact your property manager today to find out more.