Understanding the Role of a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent

Understanding the Role of a Real Estate Buyer's AgentChoosing the right people to work with you can significantly impact the home-buying experience. A buyer’s agent is the real estate professional that represents the buyer’s interests in the home-buying process. Since buying a home can be confusing and intimidating, is best for buyers to make sure that they feel comfortable with the representative they choose. It is not unusual for home buyers to “interview” agents until finding one they feel will represent them fairly during the home-buying process.

Not all real estate agents are buyer’s agents. And some buyer’s agents are not exclusive buyer’s agents. If a real estate professional is acting as a buyer’s agent, but is showing in-house listings, then that agent is not an exclusive buyer’s agent. Because showing in-house listings can signal a conflict of interest for a real estate representative, it is best to contract with an exclusive buyer’s agent. This means that this agent works only for the buyer. The agent will not be showing listings that he or she may have more of an interest in selling than other listings. Buyers will want to see all of the listings that fit their criteria, not merely the ones that the agent wants to sell.

Finally, when searching for a buyer’s agent, be sure that the individual discloses all relationships with other agencies relative to the home-buying process. In other words, real estate agents often have relationships with mortgage lenders, closing agents, and other listing agents. The relationships that the agent has with other home-buying agencies will affect the buyer’s home-buying process.