How to Choose a Realtor to Sell Your Home – Two Steps to Get You Started Correctly

How to Choose a Realtor to Sell Your Home - Two Steps to Get You Started CorrectlyWhen you need to sell, your choice of a Realtor is crucial. Here are two areas to evaluate when attempting to choose a professional real estate agent.

1. How do they market their own services? Do they place generic ads that basically say “Here I am, hire me?” Or, do they instead offer you some insight into their area of specialization and present some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with their service?

Some agents are afraid to do that, because they don’t want to “miss” a client who might have a house to list that is outside their niche area, or outside their expertise. Professional agents know that they and their clients are better off when they stick with the geographic areas and the kinds of homes that they know “inside out.”

And, think about this. If the agent can’t market himself or herself well enough to give you a “reason why” you should call – why would you think he or she can market your home with any more expertise?

Once you’ve chosen a few agents to interview – 3 is good – then consider how they present their services to you.

2. Consider that the agent who “interviews” you is probably a professional.

Some agents will get information about your home and arrive with a listing presentation. Others will want to view your home and interview you before coming back a second time to make their presentation. And that’s fine too.

Either way, a professional will be “interviewing” you while you are interviewing him or her. Before committing time and attention to selling your home, a top agent wants to know that you’re a serious seller who will hold up your end of the bargain.

What’s your end?

Listing at fair market value Presenting the home in selling condition Cooperating with showings

While some agents are desperate enough for listings to go ahead and take it even if you insist on a wrong price, most professionals will walk away. The same goes for the condition of the house.

Careful staging and preparation are more important in today’s market than ever before, so if a seller refuses to do any fix-up or even keep the house tidy for viewings, then it wastes the agent’s time. That is, unless the seller is willing to price the house as a “fixer.”

Cooperating with showings is also vital. If you require appointments and then say “no” more often than “yes” when they call, your house won’t get sold and the agent’s marketing dollars will have been wasted.

Selling a home requires marketing expertise on the part of the agent, but it also requires cooperation between the agent and the seller. So when you’re deciding how to choose a realtor to sell your home, consider choosing one who wants assurance of your cooperation before offering to list your home.