Office Space in Mayfair – Three Key Benefits

Office Space in Mayfair - Three Key BenefitsIf someone was to ask you to name London’s swankiest districts, you’d probably respond with Belgravia, Kensington, Chelsea and Mayfair. Pose the question to business owners and they’d probably answer in exactly the same manner.

Traditionally known for its inclusion in the much-loved board game Monopoly, and also for one Europe’s most fashionable shopping streets – Bond Street – Mayfair has begun to find more and more favour amongst business owners over the last couple of years. Huge brands have been drawn to the traditional commercial properties that line the district’s trendy streets; whilst the office space in Mayfair has similarly attracted big companies too.

However, business owners generally considering a move to London – or more specifically a high-end district, such as Mayfair – may ask themselves: “Why are these companies being attracted to office space in Mayfair?” and “How exactly can my business benefit from having an office in Mayfair?”

We’ve provided just a small selection of the reasons you might want to consider moving your business to Mayfair:

Sit amongst highly-esteemed company: If, as a business owner, you decide to relocate your business to Mayfair, or even expand it with the opening of a new building, you’ll find that your business will sit amongst a whole host of incredibly well-respected organisations and firms.

For example, the Embassy of the United States lies in office space situated in Mayfair’s Grosvenor Square. It was originally located in the building which is now home to the Canadian High Commission, but was relocated to its own dedicated property – designed by the Finnish American architect Eero Saarinen – during the early sixties. The head office of hugely popular fashion-bible Vogue is also situated in Mayfair – at Hanover Square – as are a considerable number of companies specialising in investment.

One of London’s most fashionable postcodes: Mayfair is classy. Therefore, if you opt to take on office space in Mayfair, your business will benefit by association – and your brand image is likely to receive a significant boost as a result. Though it may sound incredibly shallow, large clients are more likely to consider using your business if it’s positioned at the heart of an attractive area in London.

Mayfair is perfect for entertaining: Does your firm regularly entertain its current and prospective clients? If the answer’s yes, you’ll find that it is a fine location for consolidating and building relationships through amazing hospitality. With offices in Mayfair your business will be conveniently positioned to take those most important clients out for dinner at a Michelin star restaurant – such as Sketch, with its playful interiors, and or Murano, helmed by Gordon Ramsey’s protege Angela Hartnett – or wow them with a day out exploring Bond Street’s many boutiques – including Gucci and Prada.

Simply-put businesses with an office in Mayfair would be foolish not to take advantage of the wide array of entertainment options in the area.

Of course there are many more advantages to having office space in Mayfair that should be taken into consideration, but this article has covered three that should receive more weight than the rest.