Myths About Real Estate Agents

Myths About Real Estate AgentsEven though we know myths are imaginary, still we believe them to be true. People love to create imaginary stories about different things and different people. A real estate agent might also be one of the victims of myths. Though it is surprising, this is true. These people who handle Nashua property management and Manchester property management and all such real estate related tasks, also have a few myths about them which circulate in the society. Few of them may also seem funny but for an unknown reason, this is how people picture them. Let us take a look:

• The first myth about real agents is that they have long hair. Come to think of it, why would all real estate agents keep up the same style mantra? Anyone and everyone can keep long hair. They are also normal people like us and they have complete freedom as to how they can keep their hair. Besides, this is not a criterion for stepping into this profession!

• Many people believe that agents never make it on time to any appointment. This might not be common to all. Apart from a few, many real estate agents are responsible enough about their work. However, some still might practice the habit of coming late. In that case, you do not need to be ashamed or shy about asking them as to why they got late. Mention clearly that you have been waiting for long, and demand the respect they owe you.

• Another somewhat funny myth about agents is that they drive luxury cars and are always talking on the phone. This might just be a coincidence with all the real estate agents you might have seen. The truth is that they are quite busy people who have to do multiple tasks at once. Besides, what is the harm in driving luxury cars and talking on cell phones?

• Many people also think that agents are only interested in money. Well, you must know that real estate is just another business, so it has to be about money. However, they do not only want your money. They are doing their job and their hard work will be paid off well.

• Real estate agents are thought of as individuals who receive kickbacks from Lenders, Inspectors and Title companies. According to the law, any such act is illegal. Some of them may be interested in taking kickbacks, but most of them will care more about their license, which will be confiscated if they are caught.

• A lot of people may also believe that real estate agents will not like to show you the homes they have put up on sale. This is not true. These agents are individuals who specialize in helping out people, not torture them! Helping people and striving hard to give them their best is their job, and they specialize at it. An agent would therefore happily show you the house you wish to see.