Mexico Homes – Charming

Mexico Homes - CharmingIf you’ve been thinking about buying a Mexico home, you’ve probably considered the possibility of living near the beachfront, or perhaps in one of the charming colonial cities. While these are excellent options, there is a third option on the rise, which are the picturesque little towns, full of tradition and history, the best of which have been gaining an official recognition from the Mexican government as “Magic Towns.”

The idea of living in Mexico’s interior in one of these beautiful little towns has already been discovered in the communities of Lake Chapala, which between 4000 and 7000 (depending on the season) American and Canadians retirees call home.

However, as time goes on, and more Americans and Canadians begin looking for an in exxpensive place to live that, with low-priced, high-quality properties, more will also discover that Mexico offers a large number of these little “Magic” towns that combine traditional charm with modern services.

One of these “Magic Towns,” Valle de Bravo, will demonstrate the benefits of this kind of location. Valle del Bravo is nestled between a large lake and the surrounding hills; its cobblestone roads meander through of neighborhoods of little white homes with red-clay roofs. Down by the lakefront pier there are quaint shops, cafes and restaurants. If you saw this town, you would think that it was straight from a story or a painting.

Valle de Bravo real estate offers picturesque homes in the town itself, but other favorites include spacious lakefront homes with a Mediterranean style, large yards and decorative court yards. Perhaps the top pick in the area are the large ranches in the surrounding country-side, only a short drive away from the village. A large ranch with stables, surrounded by hilly woodland is a dream come true for those who love nature and animals. This kind of property is a fraction of the price that it would be in the U. S. or Canada, and besides the close contact with Mexico’s rich traditions, it also offers warm weather to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle all year.

In total, right now there are 35 officially recognized “Magic Towns” throughout Mexico. The official recognition means that all three levels of government provide an initial investment to guarantee funds for a well-defined and unique image, as well as bringing modern services such as high-speed internet, to these towns, offering the best of both worlds. The focus of these towns so far has been tourists and real estate buyers from within Mexico, but it’s only a matter of time until North Americans begin to discover the possibilities offered.