Marietta, GA Homes – Live in Comfort, Style, and Luxury

Marietta, GA Homes - Live in Comfort, Style, and LuxuryThe city of Marietta, located in the suburban region of Atlanta, Georgia, has steadily gained in prominence as a real estate destination of choice for many a discerning house hunter. A Marietta, GA home is a cherished dream of many young, single, and upwardly mobile professionals, who are on the verge of starting their careers. The average level of education, in terms of the number of bachelor degree holders, is higher here than anywhere else in Georgia, while the per capita income is in the upper middle reaches as compared to the rest of the country. This makes Marietta also a city of urban sophisticates.

You will be beset with choices aplenty when looking for a Marietta, GA house. There are condominiums that would give you a taste of luxurious high-end living, spacious single and multi-family dwellings fitted with all comforts of modern living, and pretty town houses amidst enchanting environs where you would love to retreat at the end of a hard day’s work. Look for a Marietta, GA home of your desires in these popular neighborhoods: City Center, Sandy Plains, Westoak, Noonday, and Austell Road. The median value of a Marietta, GA house here is around $127,000.

High-end Marietta, GA houses abound in Red Rock, Chattahoochee Plantations, Mount Bethel, Jamerson Road, Marietta Parkway, and Powder Springs Road. The median value of a Marietta, GA home in these regions may range between $277,000 and $514,000.

So, get in touch with a real estate agent operating in this area and leave him/her the job of finding the right Marietta, GA home for you. She/he may also hunt down some good foreclosure homes at attractive deals.