Many Choices For Real Estate Home Buyers Coming to Goshen, New York and Middletown, New York

Many Choices For Real Estate Home Buyers Coming to Goshen, New York and Middletown, New YorkIt’s a seemingly simple question: Where do real estate buyers come from? More complex, however, would be why? Depending on their individual circumstances, they come:

-from all locations – perhaps from the very same town or maybe even from abroad

-from all stages of life – they could be a newly-married couple or retirees

-from all walks of life – maybe the new minister for a local church or a new math teacher at the high school

-for different reasons – it could be a transferee and his family or a city dweller seeking a home in the peaceful countryside

-with different motivations – parents aiming to enroll their children in a better school district or a single person looking for an affordable place to call home

-with different needs and wants – a young couple desiring a family-friendly neighborhood for their children or someone seeking the privacy of a rural setting

-with different expectations – a first-time homebuyer hoping to enjoy the process of choosing their very first property or a seasoned purchaser who already knows what to expect

Given all of these variables, and their many potential combinations thereof, there is no question that no two buyers are exactly alike. Customers looking for a property are unique and deserve to be regarded as such. Recognizing this is one of the most important qualities of a good real estate agent. An experienced real estate salesperson should start by asking the buyer a number of questions, and there are just as many good reasons for this. One very significant reason is that everyone’s time is of equal consideration and, in an effort to not waste it, beginning from the point of understanding the buyer goes a long way toward that effort.

Real estate agents in the Hudson Valley work with a vast variety of buyers and, in Orange County, New York, real estate properties in all different price ranges abound. There are “handyman specials” in the well under $100,000 range, mini-estates in the over $2,000,000 bracket, and homes priced everywhere in between those two extremes. The majority of buyers enter the marketplace with a good idea of where they want to live, as well as what they are able to comfortably afford. In the event a purchaser is uncertain of either of these, a real estate agent can assist in determining them.

Whatever the price point, there is both a village and a town of Goshen, NY, with an adjoining city of Middletown, NY, where a buyer has tremendous choices in home ownership. In Goshen, for example, there are 139 residential properties for sale, with asking prices of $175,000 all the way up to $2,200,000, with new properties being listed every day now that the Spring market has begun. It would seem impossible for a buyer, who is looking in Goshen, to be unsuccessful in their search for a suitable home. Given the abundant inventory, buyers would first need to narrow down the choices by their price range. The greatest selection occurs in the $300-400,000 range, with all styles of homes available. Buyers who fancy older homes will find an equally pleasing selection – from a 1747 Colonial listed on the National & State Historic Register, to a 4000 sf Farmhouse built in 1789, to a Queen Anne Victorian with restored vintage features and a custom gourmet kitchen, to an elegant, historically inspired 9800 sf estate with 35 acres, located on a meandering country road on the outskirts of town.

For investors, or do-it-yourself types, there are 58 multi-family properties on the market in Middletown. A buyer would benefit from renting out the units and applying the proceeds to pay the mortgage or, if they prefer, they can reside in one and rent out the other(s). Also popular is “flipping”, the process of buying, fixing and re-selling for a profit. For couples and families checking out Middletown, there is everything from a brand new, three-bedroom Colonial for $300,000, to an absolutely charming and huge antique five bedroom Victorian for under $400,000.. With an incredible 162 single family homes on the market in Middletown, the affordability factor is in a buyer’s favor, since 141 of these properties are listed under $300,000. This location is also a shopping mecca, with just about every imaginable brand-name store available within a couple of miles of each other.

Both locations also offer an awesome array of activities for participation – museums, parks, historic landmarks, walking and biking trails, recreational offerings such as golf and swimming, festivals, farmers markets, wineries, antique shops, scores of restaurants, diners & cafes, art galleries and more!

No doubt about it – whether an individual, a couple, a family, a renter or an investor, Goshen, NY and Middletown, NY are great places to live and enjoy life!