Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Leasing Commercial Real EstateYou need to have a good understanding about commercial real estate before venturing out into leasing of a commercial property. You should be able to understand and realize all the terms of the lease that are mentioned for you to know what responsibilities you will have to fulfill during the lease period. The information provided here will give you an insight into information that is vital to know while venturing into taking up commercial real estate on a lease.

Several people do not know that there is a huge distinction between leasing properties that are residential and commercial in nature although they have previously leased residential properties. It should therefore be understood that there is a great degree of disparity between these two undertakings.

The prime most difference is that in a commercial lease, the accountability of the lessee is quite high in comparison to a residential lease. By these terms we have to understand that the responsibilities of you as a tenant do not end with just paying up the rents on time.

One such example of extended responsibilities to be taken up by the lessee under a commercial real estate lease is to take up the onus of paying the taxes on the commercial real estate property either in full or may be a part as is mentioned in the lease agreement.

You might even be obligated by your lease agreement to send in reports of sales information to your landlord. This is usually a norm seen in lease agreements such as a retail establishment, restaurants, pub or a bar, etc. It may come as something of a surprise to know that you would be obliged to pay some small portion of your income from business when it crosses a certain mark. This will also be a portion of your regular rent that you are paying every month.

There may even be some clauses in your lease agreement that will make you as the lessee obligated to make some payments in regular intervals which will be utilized for the purpose of making some alterations or improvements to the commercial property. This may be in addition to what you might already be paying out for regular maintenance.

Therefore, you must be aware of all such clauses before agreeing to it and should be in a position to understand and be able to negotiate terms to make it more suitable and better for you so that you can have a much peaceful tenure throughout the lease period.