Landlords – Create an Email Newsletter for Your Tenants

Landlords - Create an Email Newsletter for Your TenantsAnyone under the age of 60 is familiar with the Internet. It is the number one place that we all go to in order to find anything. As part of the growth of the Internet is the growth of email. Potential tenants will have multiple email accounts. This can include email accounts for work as well as their own personal email account. People are become accustomed to getting emails from sites that they have registered. There is no reason why a landlord cannot do the same thing with their tenants. A savvy landlord can create a newsletter that they send to all of the tenants on a regular basis.

It is possible to just format an email in your own email program like Outlook or Outlook express and send emails to your tenants. A better option is to create an account at companies like Constant Contact, iContact or Vertical Response. Most of these companies will offer a 30 day free trial period. Their monthly charge is very inexpensive. The advantage of using these services is that they offer preformatted email templates that allow you to easily drop in your information and share that with your tenants.

These companies will also allow you to register all of your tenants. This will give you an online database of all your tenants and their email address. When you need to send an email to all of your tenants then you just send it to the group that contains all of your tenants. If you were sending the email manually then you would have to make sure you add all of your tenants to your email list.

Using a service will also provide anonymity. It will not show the email address of all the other tenants to each tenant. When the tenant receives the email they will think that they were the only person that you sent the email to. This provides a personal level of service that many tenants will appreciate.

An email service can be used to notify tenants of timely information. If a local store is having a sale then you can drop a quick email to your tenants to inform them of the sale. When the weather turns cold, you can send an email message to your tenants telling them to keep the water running so that their pipes will not freeze. You can also use the emails to send information to your tenants on how to conserve on water usage to lower their water bill or to remind them about what day to put out the trash.