How to Choose the Correct Realtor

How to Choose the Correct RealtorHow many different real estate agents does it usually take before you find a good agent who does what it takes to get your home sold? I was listening to an interview of a successful real estate agent last week and one thing that he said was that the seller can control everything but location of their home or property. The seller has control over the price of the home, the show-ability, the terms and conditions that they are looking for, and which agent they choose to represent them. Since the seller has the choice over the agent they choose, why don’t they choose a good one the first time.

The first thing you need to do is ask your friends, family, and co-workers who they recommend as a Realtor and why. If people you know and trust have had successful transactions in the past, why not ask to see what worked for them.

The second thing to do to make sure that you find a good agent to represent you is by interviewing more than one agent. Interviewing more than one agent allows you to see the differences in the marketing plans, communication, follow-up, and suggested price. When you interview these agents make sure you find one who is full time, who takes good pictures, who has a strong marketing plan, and an agent who will let you out of the contract if you are not happy with them, or if your plans of selling change.

The third thing you need, or rather what you shouldn’t do is to select an agent based solely on his suggested asking price. A couple of months ago I was doing a listing presentation and was competing against three other agents from different companies. Each one of us gave our presentations and then went over comparable sales in the area. To my surprise I found out that one agent tried to over price the home by nearly $50,000, and this was a home in the $200,000 range. The seller’s did the correct thing and disregarded this agents price and are now in the process of having a successful sale.

Finally, work with an agent who has a successful company backing them up. In every town there is one company that stands above the rest. In my town Coldwell Banker is the dominating real estate company. Typically, the agents who represent this company have the best resources, the best training, the best marketing plans, and the best chance of selling your home.