Directory Signs Point To Better Customer Service

Directory Signs Point To Better Customer ServiceWhen it comes to running a successful property management firm, one of the most important aspects is making sure that customers and visitors are able to quickly locate the tenant offices. This can be especially true for businesses that have set up shop within large office buildings, with dozens of firms sharing the same location. Nothing can be more frustrating for a first-time visitor than trying to figure out where an office is located. If a person is not able to find a business, they could wind up giving up and taking their hard-earned cash to a competitor that is easier to find.

Perhaps the best way to ensure that this doesn’t occur is by displaying an indoor directory letter board. The changeable signs can be put up in a central location, either near the entrance or between two elevators. The signs should be designed in a logical way, with businesses organized either alphabetically or by floor. It is important that the building manager keep the directory up-to-date, getting rid of entities that have left and adding the newest tenants.

The letter board holds the standard plastic directory letters with molded tabs. The letter tabs push into a grooved letter board. The grooves are spaced every quarter of an inch. You can use any standard size directory letter on the board. Tabbed directory letters are available in three type styles and in sizes from 1/2 inch up to 2 inch. If you have a lot of tenants then you will need to use the smaller sizes. You can also use larger sizes as a title or header, for example, ‘FIRST FLOOR’.

It can also be a good idea to have the directory boards under a lock and key. This way, only people who should have access will be able to change the letters. Sometimes, youthful vandals will remove or rearrange the letters. A lockable door will limit access so only trusted individuals like a building manager can make sure that no funny unscrupulous business practices occur.

It can also be a good idea to have a directory board outside of a building. By putting it near the entrance, those passing by will be able to see what kinds of businesses are housed inside and could make an unexpected visit inside. Imagine a person who walks past an outdoor directory board every day and notices that a dentist or oral surgeon is listed on a business directory, it will not only help the person in need but also bring an unexpected source of revenue to the business.

The directory letter boards are relatively inexpensive and could have major benefits in the end. The directory boards provide both informational value to help visitors locate an office and advertising value to bring in new customers. In order to erect the sign properly, it is best to have an expert assist with the set-up process.