Czech Property Management – Landlord and Tenant Laws

Czech Property Management - Landlord and Tenant LawsIf you currently have a tenant in your flat are you aware that the following Czech laws govern the relationship between you and your tenant? (Civil Code, 40/1964 Coll 685)?

1. An owner wishing to sell his property must first offer it to the tenant at the owner’s asking price. The owner must allow the tenant 6 months to decide.

A tenant’s legal rights: A tenant could block the purchase process of the sale of a property if the full six months are not provided.

2. An owner does not have the legal right to enter his own property, even after giving reasonable notice, unless the right of access is specifically stipulated in the contract.

A tenant’s legal rights: A tenant could refuse to allow access to the owner or someone designated by the owner in the process of finding another tenant or viewings of a potential buyer.

3. Eviction of a non-paying or undesirable tenant is extremely difficult under Czech law.

A tenant’s legal rights: A tenant could stop paying rent and stay in your property as long as two years while your case proceeds through the Czech court system.

4. Use of money collected as a damage deposit can rarely be used to pay for tenant damages

A tenant’s legal rights: Unless there is a final court decision on the use of the damage deposit or the tenant agrees in writing to its usage, the owner must return all of it to the tenant.

Does your current rental contract protect you?

We recommend a two-tier contract arrangement where the actual tenant who lives in the flat has a sub-rental contract. It is a little bit more time-consuming to setup but in view of the above, very much worth it.