Creating the Perfect Guest Room

Creating the Perfect Guest RoomAs premier tourist destinations, several towns offer top-class recreational activities all year round. From swimming, boating, fishing and waterskiing in the summer to skating and cross-country skiing in the winter, the serene waters and surrounding rural environment mean there is always something for visitors to do.

For those who have bought property in the towns and enjoy lakefront living, the local amenities may take on a further significance.

As the number of reasons to visit increases, there’s a fine chance that the number of people who wish to do so will too. Whether friends or family, hosting guests is a pleasure that many people enjoy. The main stumbling block for most is knowing where to put them.

To be able to share the joy of lakefront living with as much company as possible, a thoughtfully designed and fully-equipped guest room is ideal.

Laying out the layout

Keeping the guest space separate to the homeowner space is essential in maintaining a harmonious home. This means, if possible, providing your guests with all the amenities they need in a self-contained guest room.

For those with space enough to do so, providing a lounge area to relax, read or watch TV is a good idea. Smart use of an oversized chair can make a partition between the lounge and sleeping area should children wish to rise early or parents choose to stay up later.

As a space saving exercise, it’s also worth remembering that most short term guests won’t bring many clothes; especially those who have come to enjoy summertime lakefront living. Closets can be eschewed in favour of more floor space for luggage, fold-out beds, and anything else your guests may find more useful than a redundant empty wardrobe.

Break up the bathroom

Although there may be numerous guests sharing the one guest room, providing any more than one bathroom will be in most cases impractical. However, that’s not to say a few design features can’t make things more convenient for those who have come to experience lakefront living.

Placing a separate sink and mirror outside the bathroom will help multiple guests to freshen up or prepare for bed more quickly while maintaining privacy.

As another measure to keep the guest space separate from the homeowner space, this can reduce the temptation to use other bathrooms throughout the house.

The appliance of convenience

While fitting anything like a full kitchen in a guest room is out of the realm of reality for most families, certain appliances can be added if the space is there.

A small coffee machine and a microwave will help your guests to feed themselves should they wish to, but a mini-fridge would arguably be the most useful addition to those enjoying a taste of lakefront living.

Being able to refrigerate snacks, drinks, baby milk and even medications will cut down massively on trips to the fridge in the main kitchen, which is especially important should the guests’ sleep patterns be out of sync with their hosts’.

Lakefront living is among the best and being able to share it with your family and friends is priceless. It’s time that should be made the most of, and creating the perfect guest room is the best way to ensure every stay in your home is as enjoyable as it can be; for both you and your guests.