Condo Vs Houses It Is Up To The Individual

Condo Vs Houses It Is Up To The IndividualWhen it comes down to condo vs houses there many factors that affect which home better suits the home owners. The condominium is usually located in an urban center near shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment centers, which appeals to singles. The house is usually located in the suburbs where families typically live who are more interested in schools and a place where they can raise a family.

Condominiums are perfect for homeowners who do not want to worry about the upkeep of a yard such as mowing and hedging bushes. Many condominiums have association fees included in the mortgage payment. This added expense pays for upkeep of common garden areas, swimming pool maintenance if one is available, and for general repairs such as plumbing work.

People who live in houses have no association fees to pay each month but are responsible for their own home repairs. When a pipe clogs up the house owner has to either fix it on his own or pay a plumber to come out and unclog the drain. The house owner must either mow his own lawn or hire a gardener to come out at least twice per month to maintain the front and back yards.

Condominiums cost more, in most cases, more per square foot than a traditional house. For roughly the same amount of money a homeowner will get less space in a condominium than in a traditional house. Homeowner associations usually exert some form of control over the condominium community such as limiting the amount of people allowed at a home party or the noise level associated with stereo or TV after a certain hour.

People looking for ample square feet of home with the privacy of a backyard should consider buying a traditional house. Homeowners who have children should think about a free standing house because most have a backyard where children can play. The traditional house usually has a private garage unlike the condominium that has a community parking lot which is sometimes located underground.

People who value privacy will have more privacy in a traditional free standing house. People living in condominiums can, depending on the thickness of the walls, hear the neighbors in the room next door watching TV or having a conversation. Of course even when living in a house one can hear the neighbors next door if they neighbors are loud.

Of course there are arguments on both sides of the issue and some people will favor the condominium and others will favor the traditional house. But it is up to the individual to choose where he and his family will live. The future homeowner should go with his instincts and not let others affect his decision.

When it comes to condo vs houses there are many factors to consider. People who want to have their yard work and general home repairs done for them should consider moving into a condominium. People who want a yard to have a private garden or for their kids to play in should consider moving into a traditional house. There are many pros and cons to decide upon but the prospective home buyer should choose based on his instinct and of course what the spouse wants.